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MultiCloud Platform

The only MultiCloud platform hosted in Romania (Azure, VM Ware, KVM)

Binbox Locations

Bucharest, Ploiesti, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Amsterdam, London, New York, Chicago, Freemont


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We strive to connect people, information and ideas around the world by providing the world's best telecommunication and data center services.

Virtual Servers

VM Ware virtualization platform based on a CISCO UCS with fast HPE 3PAR Storage offers the best value for the most demanding computing requirments. No need to invest in fast-depreciating “metal servers”.

We operate the first data center based on the Tier-3 standard in Romania

Binbox Data Centers are energy efficient (PUE at 100% -1.3 load) with self-sustaining IT infrastructure and Telecom. Our virtualization platform is based on VM Ware and uses the processing power offered by CISCO UCS B200. We have a very fast HPE 3PAR / EMC Storage system that can support even the most demanding applications and services.

Data Center in Bucharest

  • N+1 redundancy according to Tier 3 standard for power supply.
  • Total installed power 480 kw x 2 power lines for redundancy.
  • Two automatic diesel generators, one for each line.
  • Battery bank with 108 pieces, 100Ah capacity for each battery.
  • Two 40 kVA UPS systems for cooling pumps / 20 kVA UPS systems for indoor units of cooling units.
  • Two heating pumps and an ice pillar to help the main cooling systems.
  • One wind turbine with 2 kw power - produces power for auxiliary systems & 80 x 250 W (20 kw) photovoltaic panels - energy that compensates for the increase in consumption on very hot days.
  • Steel reinforced HRack: maximum capacity 45 units (42 units are usable for IT equipment), depth: 1000 mm, Width: standard 19 ".
  • Rack Power Supply System (PDU): Two dual-phase PDUs at 400V are available for each rack - Maximum power 11 kw redundancy / rack, each PDU is equipped with 24 IEC13 outlets and 6 IEC19 outlets.
  • External water cooling system: 3 x 300 kw units for the stand-alone cooling system.
  • Compressor system, fans and other redundant components, N+1 (in accordance with Tier-3 standard).

Data Center in Ploiesti

  • The operating environment is provided by the air conditioning system, N+1 redundancy with synchronized control of in-line cooling units.
  • Redundant power supply with a total installed power of 100 kw.
  • Electrical protection against electric current drops: automatic diesel generators, battery bank with 32 pieces / bench, 100Ah capacity for each battery.
  • We have 10 hardened steel racks: maximum 47 units, depth 1200 mm, standard width 19 ".
  • Rack Power System (PDU): For each rack, 2 x PDUs per 3 phases at 400V, maximum 11 kw redundancy/rack power, each PDU being equipped with 24 IEC13 outlets and 6 IEC19 outlets.

About our Virtualization Platforms

Virtualization is a technology that shares and allocates the hardware resources of a server in multiple "virtual machines" (VM), an operation that allows an average resource usage rate of 10 times greater. Through virtualization, hardware turns into software and creates the ability to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on a single computer.

Virtualization Platform in Bucharest

  • Compute power based on CISCO UCS
  • 5 chassis - each equipped with 8 blades
  • Processing power installed ≈ 1800 VCPU
  • Memory installed 6144 GB
  • Data storage system HPE 3PAR 7400 Enterprise with redundant controller with usable capacity of 200 TB (250 TB in total)

Virtualization Platform in Ploiesti

  • Compute power based on CISCO UCS
  • 6 chassis equipped with 8 blades each
  • Processing power installed around 48 blades * 64 VCPU results 3072 VCPU
  • Memory installed: 48 blades x 256 RAM resulting 12,288 GB
  • EMC VNX 5400 data storage system with a total usable capacity of 50 TB (Raid4 + 1 flash, SAS Raid4+1, nlsas Raid4+2, each disk has a hot spare on every 30 discs )
  • Data storage system: sas/flash/nlsaa disk mix - 58.95/14.74/26.32

Security & VPN

Cisco Security Certification
msCCNA Security certification no. 9146362
Cisco Certified Network Professional
Security certification
Cisco Certified Network Associate Security
Cisco Certified Network Professional
Cisco Certified Network Professional
Cisco ASA Specialist
Cisco Firewall Security Specialist
Cisco IOS Security Specialist
Cisco VPN Security Specialist
Cisco IPS Specialist
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
Fortinet Certified Network Security Administrator
Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional

Azure & Azurestack

Microsoft Learning Honor Certificate of Completion

Microsoft AZURE204x: Microsoft Azure Identity
Certification Number: 73da6893e2a446c99e952252d3a3a600
Microsoft Learning Honor Certificate of Completion
Microsoft Learning Honor Certificate of Completion
Microsoft Learning Honor Certificate of Completion


Microsoft Certified Solution Associate
Certification No. G747-7598
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert