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MultiCloud Platform

The only MultiCloud platform hosted in Romania (Azure, VM Ware, KVM)

Binbox Locations

Bucharest, Ploiesti, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Amsterdam, London, New York, Chicago, Freemont


Embark on a Digital Transformation and keep your business
up to date with the most powerful hybrid cloud platform!

Full Data Center services available anywhere in the world at one click away

We strive to connect people, information and ideas around the world by providing the world's best telecommunication and data center services.

Virtual Servers

VM Ware virtualization platform based on a CISCO UCS with fast HPE 3PAR Storage offers the best value for the most demanding computing requirments. No need to invest in fast-depreciating “metal servers”.

Cactus - what we do

  • Migration from on premise (physical servers) to cloud, or from one cloud to another in one week instead of months. This result is possible thanks to our platform, which has unique and robust multi-cloud abilities (This saves thousands for the client starting with the first month);
  • Optimize infrastructure for hosting and operational costs reduction;
  • Build for scale - build infrastructures that can support the client's ever-growing traffic and associated dependencies, no matter how big they plan to grow;
  • Manage the client's infrastructure easily (default monitoring, alerting and security; all cloud-related workloads are automated);
  • Access multi-cloud experts to design and implement your architecture. No more overhead. Client focuses on his product and/or service, while Cactus makes sure the underlying infrastructure keeps his applications up, running and secure at all times. No compromises.

Even if the DevOps concept is at an early stage Cactus provides best practices for automation even if used to manage infrastructures or build and deploy applications over Azure Stack.

People from IT all over the world are challenged to deliver better solutions, faster, safer and with less in an industry where every day new concepts and technologies are released daily. 

Cactus is empowering teams through implementing automation standards and practices across infrastructure and applications to overcome the need for experts and resources.

Cactus – how we do it

No need to learn another tool, just the one that manages and orchestrates applications over infrastructures with all dependencies like: 
  • Software packages
  • Seamless integration with multiple source control providers
  • Automated VMs provisioning
  • Automated deployments
  • Automated security updates
  • 0 downtime deployments
  • Auto-scaling for apps that need more at one point in time
  • Security build in practices for Sysadmins and DevOps
  • Executive infrastructure overview for Project Manager, Product Manager or Ops Engineers
  • Control costs and eliminate risks by monitoring the application from code to the computing resources