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We want to make sure your business runs smoothly with our services and solutions so we offer you dedicated support options to overcome any challenge you might confront with.

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In a digital world, lowering the time spent on solving challenges is a competitive advantage. Regardless if it is a simple question, an onboarding session, or a business-critical workload deployment on Azure or Azure Stack Hub, our experts are here for you 24/7/365 with always-on bespoke support services.

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Azure Stack Hub from Binbox allows resources to be deployed and commissioned in an automated process that can lead to improved speed, which can be a key differentiator in nowadays digital age. As a managed or unmanaged service, Azure Stack Hub from Binbox comes as a bridge to digital transformation and business continuity for any business looking for optimization, control, and compliance.

Azure Stack Hub Government from Binbox is the only cloud type the state institutions can trust since it is tailored to meet government data protection regulations.  It offers a network-isolated instance of Azure throughout an innovative solution, based on a reliable data center - built on a unique modular concept - and an unparalleled cloud solution from Microsoft. 

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