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Hybrid Cloud

The best Azure and Azure Stack resource mix to gain the agility your company needs for a competitive advantage.

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Private Cloud

Your own private, independent cloud, connected or isolated with Azure-native services to use on-prem.

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Public Cloud

An expanding portfolio of cloud resources for better agility, continuous innovation, and cost control.

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Microsoft 365

Communication, collaboration and productivity at the high standards with Microsoft 365 business apps

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Dedicated Hosting

A resilient metal infrastructure to keep your business always-on, while operating a private tech environment.

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Virtual Servers

Scalable an robust virtual private infrastructure to constantly match your growing business

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Why Choose Us

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Affordable Costs

Optimize the capital and operational expenditures. We can provide you with pricing models to best suit your budgets and growth strategies.

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Enhanced Technical Security

Run your workflows with peace of mind while on the BinBox infrastructure. We care about your cybersecurity needs and provide safe metal or virtual environments.

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Certified Professionals

Count on the help of skilled professionals. We continuously train our team and keep our commercial and technical staff certified in all the technologies we operate.

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Managed Private Cloud

Host your workloads in a managed private cloud. We are the only Microsoft partner in Romania able to provide Azure Stack infrastructure and the second one in Europe.

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Customer-Centric Attitude

Get the best support and services to meet your needs, 24/7/365 days. We run audits to understand your tech and business context, then offer you a set of custom optimization solutions.

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